About Us

We want to work with you.

Services and FeesA quick overview of our services and fees

The focus of iProofreading if to take your brief and either reviewing our words or creating the words for you we will develop a piece of business collateral. This could take a number of forms

  • Proof reading business proposals
  • Reviewing web content for errors and proposing content rewrites based upon SEO requirements
  • Validating important documents for grammatical, spelling and phrasing errors
  • Improving the written words used to get your points across to the reader
  • Proof reading and editing your novel or short story
  • Working with our technical team to create a Kindle or Kobe compatible book

  • Fees

    We work on a standard rate of NZ$49.00 per hour (plus GST). On average we proof read about 4-8 pages per hour. An A4 page is about 350 words.


    If you have a manuscript and you want to convert this into an eBook and then advertise this in your own private web site or on one of the aggregation eBook sites contact us today for a quote.

    Follow the link below to see a one page web site created and hosted by Yakerty to advertise Possums and Punctures by Pete Hepworth.

    Additional Information

    Working with any new group can be daunting. To get the ball rolling why not send us a short piece of copy, no more than 350 words and we will look at it for a nominal fee of $5.00. If you like what we do, send us more work at our standard rate of $49.00 per hour (plus GST).